Warranties and Protection Plans (just like those for your electronics, jewelry and more) Sold by you - fulfilled by you.


PearCare is 100% customizable. Add us on your website and attach a warranty to any products you choose. We provide automated reports of all warranties purchased to help your customer service fulfill requests. Oh, and did we mention, adding warranties can increase your AOV by 10%!

How it works

After you register with us, you will have your warranty set up and running up in no time with a few simple steps.

1.Enter warranty price

2.Attach the  warranty to a product

3.Choose warranty duration

4.Customize the look

When customers add a plan through PearCare, the warranty will register as an additional purchase [in your system]. We streamline any follow up by providing simple, consolidated reporting on all warranty purchases. As customers reach out to file claims, simply find the order number to confirm any warranty purchases.

Customers want to protect their products, and you should too.

Sell Your Warranty

Use PearCare to create and offer any range of warranties, protection plans, and service plans.

Connect Products

Customize and sell unlimited warranty plans, unique for every product.

Simple Reporting

Review our simple and sortable report page for a consolidated index of every warranty sold.

Customer Stories

Excellent: 4.8 out of 5

Bottom-Line boost

After offering a PearCare warranty for luxury headphones, we quickly saw a boost in our bottom line. Thanks PearCare!!

Johanna Demko
CMO, Head Amp

Know when to offer

It isn't something we saw competitors do but we noticed customers wanted the option and It was a no-brainer to add.

Pierce Mayers

Driving confidence

Our customers have found a sense of confidence when ordering our watches. Instituting a warranty plan was a tidy and efficient way to accomplish this goal.

Kasmir Pira
VP, Welkins Watch Co.

Select Your Plan

you only pay for what you use.


$1.99 per warranty sold

Pro Plan


$0.99 per warranty sold
Go Pro

Basic Plan

Pro Plan

Create & Sell Unlimited Warranties.

Customize the Look and Feel.

Reporting that's Sortable and Simple.

Pro Tip:

"People were more likely to buy an extended warranty if they received a discount on the product, especially an unexpected one. The windfall makes people feel good. And a positive mood makes people more risk-averse because they are afraid of losing that good feeling, which makes potential losses look greater." - New York Times

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit to Pro?

With Pro you pay less per warranty sold, if you sell more than 50 warranties per month it is more cost effective to go Pro.

Do PearCare handle the warranty?

We only provide you the tools to sell, track and manage them. It is up to the store to handle customer support questions and fulfill their requests.

Can we add a feature?

Email us with the button in the navigation bar, if it's custom we can quote you. If not we can add it to the pipeline as we continue to make iterations.

Can it be customized?

There is a robust customization section, if you need any more customization you can use CSS. The buttons appear uniformly on product pages.

*The custom font section requires you to have installed the custom font prior, then simply use the font-name.